• Current team Dota
  • Player age 24
  • Country Germany
  • Ingame Role Offlane

Historically one of the top mid players in the world, Adrian "Fata" Trinks joins Team Secret™ as our star off-laner. Adrian is a DOTA veteran, bringing an unparalleled depth of understanding and experience to the team. While pizza seem to be the meal of choice for offlaners these days, Adrian thankfully prefers a steady diet of pub games and penguin videos, two things I think we can all get behind.

More details

  • Mouse CORSAIR Dark Core RGB
  • Headset CORSAIR Void Pro RGB
  • Mouse Pad CORSAIR MM300 Medium
  • Keyboard CORSAIR K70 LUX
  • Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

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