• Current team Dota
  • Player age 21
  • Country Malaysia
  • Ingame Role Mid

Whether you call him GodOne, MonkOne, or simply The One, it's unquestionable that Malaysia's finest Bruce "MidOne" Yeik is arguably the best Legend 4 player in the game today. Fueling his competitive fire is a constant desire to win, whether in DOTA, Tetris, or Maple Story. 8K MMR, 9K MMR, 10K MMR are all just numbers: Bek to Bek championship trophies are what this man is really after.

More details

  • Mouse CORSAIR Dark Core RGB
  • Headset CORSAIR Void Pro RGB
  • Mouse Pad CORSAIR MM300 Medium
  • Keyboard CORSAIR K70 LUX
  • Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080 Ti