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Team Secret AOE Welcomes Nili

The Team Secret family continues to grow as today we are delighted to announce that Nili will be joining the Team Secret Age of Empires team.

The AOE wizard known for his work as a player, caster and tournament host will continue to fulfill those roles whilst representing Team Secret.

Nili's Apartment Cup Returns

Kicking off in 2020 the next episode of Nili's Apartment Cup arrives with a twist. This edition of the Apartment Cup will be the first major event played on the upcoming Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and is fully funded by Microsoft.

Thanks to Microsoft the event will have a base prize pool of $20,000 and all donations towards the event will be added to the total prize pool. At this moment in time, the tournament has already received an additional €4,000 in donations pushing the prize pool to $25,000.

The Semi-Finals and Grand-Finals will be open to public viewing in Hamburg on the 11th and 12th of January, 2020. Along with a meet and greet with all the players and casters on Saturday evening.

Players Prizepool
🇳🇴 TheViper
🇪🇸 TaToH
🇷🇸 DauT
🇦🇹 Liereyy
🇫🇮 TheMax
🇨🇳 Mr_Yo
🇨🇳 Vivi
Qualifier Slot
1st $4000 + 20% Donations
2nd $2800 + 14% Donations
3rd/4th $2200 + 11% Donations
5th/6th $1600 + 8% Donations
7th/8th $1000 + 5% Donations
Casters (x4) $600 + 3% Donations
Overlay Guy $600 + 3% Donations
Nili $600 + 3% Donations

With your beloved casters 🇺🇸 Ornlu, 🇦🇺 BBQTurkman, 🇺🇸 T90Official and 🇨🇦 Dave.

You can find more details on AoEZone.