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About Us

The People Behind The Secret

Team Secret® is a global esports brand that strives to bring together the best players, to compete on the world's biggest stages, and put forth the most entertaining experience for our fans.

We are passionately committed to building the esports community, and rely on a simple but winning philosophy - focus on cultivating the positive culture that is critical to success in team based esports. The Team Secret™ organization drives forward this philosophy by providing advertising and promotional sponsorship, talent and team development, business management, coaching, and support to players both professional and aspiring, who compete in esports.

Please reference our contact information to get in touch if you have an interest in working with us!

24A Trolley Square #2164

Wilmington, DE 19806, USA

Our Management

  • John Yao

    Chief Executive

  • Clement Ivanov


  • John Costas

    Vice Chairman
    Strategy & Finance

  • Matthew Bailey


  • Katrina Mendoza