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  • Stake is the world's leading betting platform, providing a cutting-edge and user-friendly experience that redefines online wagering. Immerse yourself in unparalleled excitement and innovation with Stake, setting the standard for global betting excellence.

  • Kick is the most rewarding gaming and livestreaming platform, offering a revolutionary space where gamers and creators unite. Dive into an immersive world where passion meets rewards, making Kick the ultimate destination for gaming and livestreaming enthusiasts.

  • Secretlab has redefined what people think of when it comes to gaming chairs. Driven by extensive research, development, and cutting-edge engineering, Secretlab’s award-winning chairs are the top choice of the world’s premier gaming tournaments, championship-winning teams and over 1,000,000 users worldwide.

  • Founded in 2020 in Korea, Pulsar Gaming Gears specializes in developing high-end, high-performance eSports gaming mice and keyboards for competitive professionals. Emphasizing in-house design, marketing, and manufacturing, Pulsar is committed to becoming the first choice for professional gamers seeking top-tier gaming gear.

  • Predator is the premium gaming product series from Acer, focused on bringing the best performance PCs and Laptops to enable a complete gaming experience.

  • The Xai Foundation plays a pivotal role in nurturing developers and games within the Xai blockchain ecosystem. Its core functions encompass attracting third-party developers and games, creating effective marketing strategies, and offering essential funding opportunities.

  • TUMI is a leading international business, accessory and travel lifestyle brand, creating innovative solutions to perfect every journey for the most discerning clients.

  • Levante Brewing Company is top rated brewery, with a single vision to elevate the craft beer experience by balancing creative creations with high quality production.

  • Secret Gemini is the world's fastest growing competitive play-to-earn Guild community - Start your P2E Quest with us now.

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Our brand partnerships are a great way for organizations to enter the world of esports and connect directly with the ever growing fanbase. Team Secret™ works closely with locally focused and global brands on marketing, product development, event sponsorship, digital advertising, merchandise sales, and other promotional activities. We enjoy partnering with companies that share our vision and values, and would love to explore a potential partnership with you.

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