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EA and Respawn Entertainment announce Apex Legends Preseason Invitational Sept. 13th - 15th

Secret Legends

One of the reasons for Apex Legends’ rapid success has been the fantastic implementation of three person squads into the game, which makes teamwork and gaming with friends valuable and enjoyable without feeling cumbersome and forced. Secret’s own squad heading to Poland consists of Peesh, Yousif and Aladdin – three extremely talented players who have been practicing hard and meshing as a powerhouse trio hoping to stamp their names at the top of this upcoming tournament and enjoy some Polish food and culture while they’re there. We know they can’t wait to get started on their journey to tournament domination and we wish them the best of luck in becoming #secretlegends. Below, you can check the interview where they shared their thoughts on joining Team Secret, the tournament and Poland and their overall thoughts of the Apex competitive scene.

Breaking Into The Competitive Scene

Earlier this week EA and Respawn stamped their first large tournament onto the competitive calendar, scheduled as a precursor to Season 3 which releases later this year. This is exciting news for Apex fans because tournaments with hefty prize pools and publicity are both a symptom of a flourishing game and a herald of greater things to come. This tournament promises to be just that, boasting a $500,000 prize pool which will absolutely tempt aspiring competitors in the genre to set their sights high on carving a profession out of becoming an Apex Legend Champion.EA’s decision to start marking regular events on a competitive calendar with presumably increasing prize pools means they’re now confident that the game’s foundation is technically solid, and the player base is both retaining regular players as well as gaining a healthy influx of newer players. Tournaments accelerate this growth and provide an inspirational showcase for everyone to see the top echelons of Apex Legends competition.

Tournament Info & Format

The Preseason Invitational will take place in Kraków, Poland on Sept 13th-15th. The total prize pool is $500,000, with first to third place taking home $105,000, $75,000, and $60,000 respectively, and a special bonus prize of $8000 for the ‘Apex Predator’ – the person with the most eliminations earned during the Finals. More details will be announced by EA in the upcoming weeks about how to watch the event/attend as a spectator. 

The format is well laid out, with double-elimination brackets through several rounds of competition. All 80 teams will start in the winners bracket in four groups (A, B, C, D) with 20 teams in each group. The top 10 teams according to scoring system as shown below will advance to the next stage of the winners bracket.

The bottom 10 teams will fall to the lower bracket, and follow the same system in their next round in the lower bracket with the top 10 teams in the subsequent round advancing further and the bottom 10 teams being eliminated from the tournament. 

After Round 3 of the Winners’ bracket and Round 4 of the Losers’ bracket have finished, 20 teams will remain (10 from each bracket) and the Finals will begin. In the finals, the winner is decided using a ‘Match Point’ mechanic according to the rules below.

These rules are taken from EA’s official website and the full list of rules and more information can be found here: https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/compete/overview#rules.

— Duncan James