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Introducing Secret Legends

Apex Legends has made a phenomenal debut in the Battle Royale genre, quickly breaking records on its way to achieving a playerbase of over 50M strong. While Apex esports is still in its infancy, we are greatly optimistic with the direction it is headed in. As one of the first rosters to achieve Apex Predator rank after the ladder was recently introduced in the Season 2 Battlepass, Respawn and EA continue to impress with features that improve the competitive ecosystem.

The Team Secret family is proud to announce the debut of our exciting Apex Legends roster.

Team Secret Apex Legends

🇨🇦 Ahmed “Yousif” Al-Dabboos
🇺🇸 Grant “Aladdin” LaBelle
🇺🇸 Peyton “Peesh” Schutz

We’ve been looking at Apex Legends for quite some time now – its super fun to play and one of the best Battle Royale games out there, and I’m glad to tell the world that we’ve finally found a perfect match. This roster has what it takes to be a force in the scene, and bring pride to our entire organization. #SecretLegends is coming. Be prepared!


Coming in Top 3 in the NA Discord Pro League against other major teams such as Liquid, TSM, and 100T, our #SecretLegends team is hungry to take the top spot and prove ourselves as one of the best teams in the world at LAN. Coming from the top of the professional ladder in other Battle Royale titles, our squad has the experience, skill, and determination to be the best of the best – we look forward to challenging the scene as competitive Apex Legends ramps up!