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The arrival of Matumbaman in our Secret DOTA2 squad back in November 2019 was a breath of fresh air that changed our whole approach to the game. Powerful as a carry, and hilarious as a teammate, Matu’s time with us for the last two years have led to some amazing DOTA, and some amazing times together as a team.

This isn’t just a story of lucky shorts. Lasse’s ability to play any hero and obliterate any opposition on the safe lane made him one of the most reliable pillars of our team through online tournaments, Majors, and this previous TI. It is no coincidence that he was nominated for Esports Player of the Year in 2020.

But even the best of storylines have to eventually come to an end. A few sentiments from Matu himself exemplifies our feelings at this juncture:

MATUMBAMAN's Statement

Today we wish farewell to one of the most successful carry players ever to join our ranks. We thank Matumbaman for being a great teammate, for his consistent motivation through all the ups and downs of competition, and the overall wonderful energy he brought to the team. We are proud to say that we would not have achieved so much if it wasn’t for his contributions.

Another chapter has ended, but never forgotten. Lasse is an amazing guy and I really enjoyed being teammates with him. We shared some great moments together and I am sure that we will keep crossing paths outside of our careers. Good luck to you Matu!

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov

Our players, staff, and beloved fans wish Matumbaman the very best in his new endeavours and will be cheering for him wherever the next step in life’s journey takes him. Thank you, Matu!