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Team Secret welcomes Skram and Mexe

Team Secret is proud to announce the addition of two new players into our Fortnite roster. Please give a warm welcome to:

🇩🇰 Konrad “Skram” Skram
🇬🇧 Layton “Mexe” Partridge

This dynamic duo will join Domentos, Milan & Fuzzy in fighting under the Team Secret banner.

A well established partnership

Skram and Mexe already know each other very well. Having played together since February of this year, previously under the LootBoy banner, they have been taking the competitive Fortnite scene by storm and challenging the heavy hitters in Europe. Following their very solid World Cup Duos showing, where they placed 45th overall, they’ve continued going strong week by week in the Fortnite Champions Series for Europe, with their best showing coming in an insanely close Week 3.

The Fortnite Champions Series

Having already qualified for the Champions Series Finals, the new Team Secret boys were looking to build their way up to one of the 32 Grand Final spots. Placed in an incredibly competitive and close Heat 3, with 10 teams being neck and neck from game to game, Skram, Mexe and their trios partner Smeef narrowly missed out on one of the eight spots leading into the European Grand Final, scoring a total of 34 points, with 39 points being the Grand Final cutoff. 
While their journey ended sooner than expected, it was another Team Secret player, Domentos and his trio, topping Heat 3 with an incredible 76 points. Unfortunately, their showstopping form did not continue into the Grand Finals, in which they placed as the 27th best trio in Europe overall.
Milan and his trio, although not as successful in their respective Heat, managed to score a better finals placement, coming in 15th, with 30 total points.
Over in NA-East, Fuzzy and his trio smashed their way through Heat 3, with an astonishing 98 points. Their run in a very stacked NA Grand Final ended at a respectable 14th place.

What’s next for competitive Fortnite?

Near the end of the Champion Series live broadcast, it was announced, that the next season of competitive Fortnite will be leaving trios in Season X and replacing them with perhaps the most popular battle royale mode out there - squads. A decision that’s coming on the heels of a revolving door of game - impacting map changes (check out Fortnite’s latest Gotham City Batman crossover here), it’s sure to leave players scratching their heads.

As for what this means for the Team Secret boys? Make sure to follow Twitter and catch their squad announcements as well as all the latest updates.

Skram's Twitter - https://twitter.com/Secret_Skram
Mexe's Twitter - https://twitter.com/Secret_Mexe
Fuzzy's Twitter - https://twitter.com/Secret_Fuzzy
Milan's Twitter - https://twitter.com/Secret_Milan
Domentos' Twitter - https://twitter.com/Secret_Domentos
Team Secret Twitter - https://twitter.com/TeamSecret

--by M.O.N.