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Introducing Team Secret League of Legends

Team Secret is excited to announce our new League of Legends roster. Having been a dominant force in the Vietnamese scene, these up and coming stars recently finished runner up at the Vietnamese Championship Series Summer Playoffs, going on to the Worlds 2019 play-ins and taking second in their group.

The team previously played as Lowkey Esports.Vietnam, formerly known as Friends Forever Gaming - a testament to their positive team attitude. Through hard work and dedication, their performance steadily improved each year from 2016 through to 2019, and their results at each successive VCS have demonstrated their efforts paying off.

An invaluable ingredient to their success is the bond they have developed through several years of playing together, meaning they have an exceptional understanding of each others’ mindsets in the heat of battle which can prove pivotal in outmaneuvering opponents and claiming victory in the Rift. With their powerful synergy, friendship, and the competitive drive necessary to go all the way to the top, they are a great addition to the Secret roster.

Team Secret League of Legends

  • Coated, Đinh Văn Tráng - Top
  • Zica, Vũ tuấn mạnh - Top
  • DNK, Đỗ Ngọc Khải - Jungle
  • Artifact, Nguyễn Văn Hậu - Mid
  • Celebrity, Nguyễn Phước Long Hiệp - ADC
  • Eddie, Hoàng Công Nghĩa - ADC
  • Venus, Bùi Nguyễn Quốc Hoàng - Support
  • CBL, Nguyễn Võ Thành Luân - Support