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Blockchain Gaming Company DMScript Sponsors Team Secret

Esports and the gaming world continues to innovate and open opportunities for new technologies to evolve the landscape. We’re excited to work with DMScript, a blockchain based gaming company that is developing some truly value added services for casual and hardcore gaming enthusiasts alike. Gamers have all struggled with challenges like the never ending hardware upgrade cycle, and lag issues due to poor network connectivity. DMScript will aim to address these very issues with Holonex, a cloud gaming platform that eliminates the need for hardware, and Tournet, an optimized lightning fast gaming network that will offer a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

We’re extremely excited to be embarking on this new partnership, and will be working to introduce DMScript gaming services to the world in the very near future.

“DMScript is bringing new technology to improve the experience of gamers everywhere. We’re proud to be part of the marketing effort for this, and excited to reveal what they have in store.”John Yao, CEO Team Secret

You may find additional information and stay up to date on the latest DMScript news on their website here: https://dmscript.com/