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PUBG Mobile Roster Update: Introducing Our New Powerhouse Squad

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our PUBG Mobile division, a group of talented players who are poised to take the competitive scene by storm. With their exceptional skills and unwavering dedication, our new roster promises to bring an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience to our fans worldwide. Let's dive into the lineup and get to know each player and their unique gameplay style.

Ryzai - The Mastermind

Ryzai, our IGL, is a strategic genius with a knack for split-second decisions. His deep understanding of game mechanics and tactics guides us through complex situations, ensuring calculated and precise moves. Ryzai's leadership skills and strategic prowess are the backbone of our success, making him an invaluable asset to our squad.

Putra - The Eyes and Ears

Putra, our dedicated scouter, excels at gathering crucial information about our opponents. With keen awareness and precise callouts, he enables well-informed decisions and seizes every opportunity. His efficient map navigation and uncovering of enemy positions make him integral to our team's success.

Zral - The Versatile Ace

Zral, our versatile player, excels in every aspect of the game. Whether fragging, supporting, or sniping, he showcases exceptional gunplay skills, quick reflexes, and seamless role switching. His flexibility poses a constant threat to opponents, enabling us to adapt our gameplay based on evolving circumstances.

Helton - The Supportive Sniper

Helton, our deadly accurate sniper and supportive player, secures crucial kills from a distance, granting us a significant advantage and opening opportunities for vital objectives. His support guarantees our team is well-equipped with resources, enabling us to tackle any challenge head-on.

Our collective goal is to push the boundaries of competitive play, entertain our fans, and bring home championship titles under the Team Secret banner. With their individual expertise and the synergy they have already displayed, we are confident that this roster update will elevate us to new heights.

Stay tuned as we embark on this thrilling journey with our new PUBG Mobile roster. Your unwavering support fuels our determination to excel and make our mark in the world of esports. We look forward to sharing memorable moments with the squad and putting on a show for our supporters