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Red Envelope Giveaway Winners

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Chinese New Year giveaway in the past three weeks. We sincerely appreciate the support and have drawn our winners! Emails will come out shortly to request your mailing addresses, and we anticipate a couple of weeks for shipping, depending on what part of the world you’re in.

Be sure to tag #TeamSecret on Instagram when your swag arrives!

Team Secret™ Red Envelope Giveaway Winners

Abramov Zhenia Russia
Aiman Shah Malaysia
Akmal Syahmi Malaysia
Arabella Manaligod Philippines
Bradley Iversen Indonesia
Calvin Wong Weng Kit Malaysia
Chong Jia Wei Malaysia
Devid Ossipov Estonia
Elson Fong Malaysia
Emma Parnell United Kingdom
Full Grizzely United States
Gerard Vicente Philippines
Gina El-Reedy United States
Gleb Voropaev Russia
Goh Ingsiang Malaysia
Henry Lau Han Li Singapore
Hiren Dusara United Kingdom
Ivan Boroday Russia
Jack Liu United States
Jacob Hallam United Kingdom
Jance Dale Cielo Philippines
Jensen Chong Malaysia
John Labrier United States
Kevin Xing Canada
Khairil Amirul Harun Malaysia
Kimberly Descalsota Philippines
Laga Iriyawan Indonesia
Luca Casale Italy
Marc Abbey United States
Marcus Lee Singapore
Mg Freeze Myanmar [Burma]
Mikhail Anthony Sebua Philippines
Mohammad Afham Bin Yusof Malaysia
Muhammad Syauqi Malaysia
Nicholas Eastham United States
Noel Ng Malaysia
S Yoon Singapore
Salazryl Ismail Malaysia
Song Chee Kien Singapore
sony prasetya Indonesia
Tan Boon Heng Malaysia
Timo Ehrpais Estonia
Ting Hui Yin Malaysia
Tuan-Anh Phan Vietnam
Ursula Kotzur Germany
Vincent Pires United Arab Emirates
Wong Vern Jet Malaysia
Yevhen Korsun Ukraine
Yevhenii Pokutnii Ukraine
Yuzaini Isnin Yunos Malaysia