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Secret Gemini - The fastest growing P2E Guild on the planet!

Secret Gemini is a Play-to-Earn Guild focused on building communities around Web3 games, created and launched by globally renowned esports club Team Secret. Since launching only two weeks ago, Secret Gemini saw massive uptake in the community and was over 10x oversubscribed in membership applications. Over 150 Scholars were admitted in the first 24 hours, and over 3000 applications under review, Secret Gemini is aiming for 1000+ membership in the Guild within the first 3 months.



At the time of this writing, Secret Gemini’s newly created Discord Community has over 5000 Members and growing at a rapid pace. In just two weeks, Secret Gemini’s community ranks higher than most other Guilds already, likely due to the additional bonuses and rewards offered to members.

Not only do Gemini members gain access to bonus rewards in the form of merchandise, gaming chairs, and even insider access to Team Secret – members also get a front row seat to events such as Team Secret’s CEO webcast panel with Axie Infinity to discuss the future of Play-to-Earn, which commanded over 30k+ views.



Guilds have arisen to give gamers that can’t afford the often-hefty price of entry a new way to participate and build a stronger community, together.  Secret Gemini offers a unique value proposition to gamers that are not just out to grind a salary, but engage in high skill gameplay while earning rewards beyond industry standard profit sharing.  We’re continuing to take member applications to reach our threshold of 1000 members in the near term, before we set new targets and expand into new P2E games.


Connect with Secret Gemini here:

Discord: https://tse.gg/gemini

Facebook: http://tse.gg/geminifb

Guidebook: https://tse.gg/GemGuide