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Team Secret Continues Expansion, Welcomes John Costas to Leadership Team

We are extremely pleased to announce the recent election of John Costas to the role of Vice Chairman, Strategy & Finance at Team Secret. As a highly successful businessman and the former Chairman and CEO of UBS Investment Bank, John adds a wealth of experience and strategic insight that will further accelerate Team Secret’s rapid growth in the world of esports. John will be joining the existing partnership in Team Secret’s corporate structure, and focus on advancing initiatives that will transform our business and achieve new frontiers in the industry.

John is someone that I respect tremendously – the addition of his passion, intelligence, and experience marks the next stage in Team Secret’s growth, and we look forward to an exciting future together.

John Yao, CEO

Looking Back On History

Team Secret started as simple concept: to bring together the world’s best players and compete under a unified banner. Formed under a shroud of secrecy, that vision was fulfilled when our DOTA2 team made its debut in late 2014 – the beginning of an exciting journey that yielded multiple triumphs and tournament victories. Ultimately, as esports ascended into a mainstream movement, it became clear that Team Secret would also have to evolve. Casual management practices were no longer viable, and needed to mature for the longer term sustainability of the brand.

From 2017, the brand was reborn under new management, and opportunities began to flourish. Through multiple team acquisitions, new sponsorships, and competitive success, Team Secret’s brand in the esports industry strengthened considerably. Players, Media, and Fans all increasingly took notice, and the organization grew to 5 teams, spanning a range of gaming genres.

Recent Growth Initiatives

Recently, Team Secret has signaled an ambitious growth plan for 2019. Already having one of EU’s top Fortnite roster, Team Secret signed coveted free agents Fuzzy and VapeJesus for its NA roster.

There are also plans to add an Apex Legends team, with open tryouts held in early March that saw hundreds of teams sign up.

As the first quarter of 2019 comes to a close, it’s certain that the rest of the year will see further news from Team Secret – the team is extremely excited and ready to take on the next stage of growth for the organization.