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Team Secret™ Red Envelope Giveaway!

Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at Team Secret™. The New Years festival is a time of celebration dating back centuries, and associated with several myths and traditions. This is a time where we celebrate our ancestors and make way for incoming good fortune. It is also customary to give “Hong Bao”, or Red Envelopes, during this time to suppress evil spirits and wish luck upon our friends and family.

We wish you, our fans, luck into the new year and hope that you continue to support us, watch us, cheer us on. We be giving away a number of Red Envelopes, with limited edition Team Secret™ wristbands within. If you wish to enter this drawing, enter our Gleam giveaway for a chance to receive one!

Team Secret™ Red Envelope Giveaway! LIMITED EDITION PRIZE!

Supplies are limited and entries will be drawn at random after the New Years festivities conclude on March 2nd.