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Team Secret Welcomes Predator Malaysia

Team Secret fans in Malaysia! With great pleasure, we are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Predator. Team Secret’s winning philosophy emphasises performance above all else, with our teams being living examples of peak performance at its finest. Predator will partner with us in Malaysia to ensure the peak performance all gamers need to excel and succeed in pursuing their dreams.

Predator is a leading brand in the industry of gaming computers. Innovative, high-quality, and top-tier products aim to elevate modern gaming to the highest levels. Acer Predator is fully committed to giving gamers the best experience through their products, community, programs, and their very own brand esports tournament.

“Predator is one of the leading brands in the industry of gaming computers. With their brand of innovation and high-performing hardware, our partnership with them will genuinely elevate the gamers' experience in Malaysia. We are elated to work with Predator to bolster the already up and coming Malaysia Esports scene.” — John Yao, Team Secret CEO

“Predator Gaming has always focused on supporting and growing the gaming community internationally and locally. We hope our support for Team Secret PUBG Mobile will help them unearth and nurture homegrown talents that will further put Malaysia on the map as one of the countries to lookout for in esports.” — Johnson Seet, Director of Product, Sales and Marketing, Acer Malaysia

This partnership will provide the esports scene in Malaysia with much more firepower boosting the country that is already on the rise. With the gaming industry expanding more than ever, expect Malaysia to be one of the rising stars with the help of Team Secret and Predator.