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Team Secret Joins Forces with Xai Foundation to Elevate Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem

Singapore, 29 September 2023 - In a groundbreaking partnership, Team Secret, a global esports powerhouse, has announced its collaboration with the Xai Foundation to advance the decentralized gaming ecosystem known as Xai. Team Secret will join the network’s Data Availability Committee (DAC) and actively participate in the governance of the Xai ecosystem.Team Secret will also take a pivotal role in evaluating and promoting high-quality games within the Xai ecosystem, focusing on titles with esports potential and the caliber of AAA traditional games. As key stakeholders in the advancement of the XAI ecosystem, they will make crucial contributions and play a pivotal role.

Xai, powered by the innovative Xai Blockchain developed by Offchain Labs and overseen by the Xai Foundation, redefines the landscape of web3 gaming on a grand scale. Engineered with the needs of gamers in mind, this blockchain introduces an abstracted wallet and account experience for traditional gamers while offering developers expanded contract limits. The result is a fully decentralized environment that fosters trust and transparency among all participants. By leveraging the robust security measures of Ethereum, the Xai Blockchain establishes an unparalleled level of resilience against potential hacks and vulnerabilities.

At the heart of this ecosystem, the Xai Foundation plays a critical role in nurturing developers and games within the Xai blockchain universe. The foundation's primary objectives encompass attracting third-party developers and games to the platform, devising effective marketing strategies for these games, and providing crucial funding opportunities to aspiring game developers. Additionally, the Xai Foundation stands as the guardian of the blockchain and its associated token, ensuring the platform's security and integrity.

"Team Secret is thrilled to collaborate with the Xai Foundation in advancing the world of decentralized gaming," said John Yao, CEO at Team Secret. "We recognize the immense potential of the Xai ecosystem and are excited to contribute our expertise to identify and promote games that align with our commitment to excellence and esports prowess."

Team Secret is a globally recognized esports brand dedicated to assembling top-tier players who compete on the world's most prominent stages, all while delivering unparalleled entertainment to its fanbase. The organization's core values center around fostering a positive culture critical for success in team-based esports. Through advertising, promotional sponsorships, talent and team development, business management, coaching, and unwavering support, Team Secret empowers both professional and aspiring players in the esports arena.

Team Secret joins Xai Foundation, Offchain Labs and Ex Populus on the network’s DAC. The partnership between Team Secret and the Xai Foundation marks a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized gaming. As these industry leaders join forces, the future promises exciting opportunities for game developers, gamers, and fans alike.

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About Team Secret: Team Secret is a global esports brand dedicated to uniting the best players to compete on the world's grandest stages, offering an enthralling experience for fans. Committed to nurturing the esports community, Team Secret's philosophy revolves around cultivating a positive culture, a cornerstone of success in team-based esports. The organization provides advertising, promotional sponsorships, talent and team development, business management, coaching, and support to players, both professional and aspiring, in the esports realm.

For more information, visit teamsecret.gg

About Xai Foundation: The Xai Foundation plays a pivotal role in nurturing developers and games within the Xai blockchain ecosystem. Its core functions encompass attracting third-party developers and games, creating effective marketing strategies, and offering essential funding opportunities. Additionally, the foundation safeguards the security and integrity of the blockchain and its associated token, establishing a foundation of trust and transparency in the ecosystem.

Press Contact: press@mgroupsc.com