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Team Secret PUBG Mobile 2023 Roster

Team Secret has announced some major changes to its PUBG Mobile roster for 2023. Xylyn, a relatively new member of our team, and Fredo, a long-time member of the team, will be departing. We wish Xylyn and Fredo the best in their future endeavors. This move has opened up spots for new talent to join the squad, and Team Secret has welcomed Aboy and Minz as its newest players.

Ishotz, another experienced player on the team, will be transitioning to a coaching role. This change will allow Ishotz to provide valuable insight and guidance to the new players, while also continuing to help the team perform at its best.

Jumper, who has previously been a part of Team Secret, will also be making a return as a player. This is a much-anticipated move, as Jumper is known for his exceptional skills and strategic thinking. With Jumper back in the roster, Team Secret is looking to make a strong comeback in the 2023 PUBG Mobile season.

These roster changes are an exciting time for Team Secret, as the team looks to build upon its already impressive track record in the PUBG Mobile community. The addition of Aboy and Minz as new players, combined with the guidance of Ishotz and the experience of Jumper, is sure to make for a dynamic and competitive team.

Fans can look forward to seeing the results of these changes as the 2023 PUBG Mobile season progresses. Team Secret is poised to make a big impact, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.