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Secret Siege Roster Update: Introducing Sha77e

As we head into Stage 2 of the Rainbow Six: Siege European League, we're excited to announce a couple of changes to our roster for this upcoming season.

Joining us by way of transfer from Chaos EC will be the esteemed Finnish legend, Ville SHA77E Palola. Remember the last time we recruited a Fin into Team Secret? The Matumbaman of Rainbow Six: Siege has arrived, you heard it here first folks.

A multiple-time tournament winner and 2018 Six Invitational World Champion, SHA77E brings our young talented squad some much-needed experience to navigate the pressures and playstyles of the European League. We're very excited to see him in action with us, and we know you will be too. When he's not busy ragequitting on stream, he might just lead our team to some tournament wins XD.

Thank You KS & Exp0

We're also extremely grateful to both KS and Exp0, who we are releasing into free agency effective immediately. They are both tremendous players in their own right, having achieved Pro League status with the team from their journey together in the EU Challenger League in previous seasons. We wish them the best of luck on their future journey, and will always hold a place for them in the #SecretFam.

We will be playing the upcoming GSA League 2020 finals with our coach, Lasse "Lazzo" Klie, standing in. After which we will announce our full roster for the upcoming Stage 2 of the Rainbow Six Siege: European League.

Team Secret Rainbow Six: Siege

  • Kevin “Prano” Pranowitz
  • Fynn “Drvn” Lorenzen
  • Vincent “Hife” Finkenwirth
  • Ville SHA77E Palola
  • TBD

The European League competition is heating up, and we hope to be contenders for the crown with our new look #SecretR6 squad!