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Team Secret Racing to Victory

Something new for you today #SecretFam !

We're off to the races now, with our debut and entry into Trackmania, one of the premier racing esports on the scene. An exciting game title and growing esports, Trackmania is backed by none other than the experienced team at Ubisoft Nadeo. With rapidly increasing viewership and a great competitive ecosystem for professional teams to thrive, Trackmania is a racing sim title that we think will be one to watch in the seasons to come.

The best part for pro teams and players alike? The ability to create a custom digital skin for your vehicle. We're working on several amazingly cool design concepts for the season, and we think it's a perfect showcase of creativity that is unique to esports.

Our fans will also soon have the ability to join the official Team Secret club in-game securing themselves their own unique version of the Team Secret skin to show off their support throughout the Trackmania Grand League season.

Representing us will be the young phenom Marcin "evoN" Szura from Poland. At just 18 years of age, evoN is already showing flashes of brilliance on the competitive circuit, all the while juggling full-time studies as a student. With our support, we believe evoN will be the next Trackmania superstar and are very excited to welcome him into the #SecretFam.

The upcoming season of the Trackmania Grand League will begin on September 13th, 2020, and you will be able to catch all the action right on our own Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/teamsecret. Come catch all the action and help us cheer on evoN as we drive into the winner's podium

Team Secret Trackmania Schedule

Step 1 - Sunday, September 13th

Step 2 - Sunday, September 20th

Step 3 - Sunday, September 27th

Step 4 - Sunday, October 4th

Step 5 - Sunday, October 11th

Step 6 - Sunday, October 18th